Half a century ago, a textile trading family known as the Sadaqat family started their home textile business in Chiniot; a neighboring city to Pakistan's textile hub Faisalabad. The newly established business was based on the core values of honesty and quality. Visionary footsteps, honesty and diligence have led the Sadaqat legacy to thrive and expand vertically, while still maintaining its reigning position in the home textile industry of Pakistan. Over the years, Sadaqat limited has grown due to the strong leadership and management by a team of motivated and qualified directors who energize and synergize the strength of more than 5000 employees at a well-equipped and state of the art manufacturing facility. Another key strength of the company is its product diversification and highly automated manufacturing equipment.

In 2018 Sadaqat Limited added new business line diversifying its portfolio with the introduction of state-of-the-art Garment Manufacturing unit producing Woven (Denim/Non Denim) and Knitted Garments.

We source our raw materials both locally and globally, ensuring our products are of the highest quality standards whilst remaining competitively priced. Regular overseas travel ensures consistent product research and development and latest trend updates. Our design centers are equipped with CAD technology to offer innovative and fashionable product ranges. At Sadaqat Limited, we combine the skill and workmanship of our culture with the globally recognized best practices to deliver products of exceptional quality to all of our global and domestic customer base.

CEO's Message

We at Sadaqat Ltd believe in only providing the best.We also believe in challenging ourselves to strive for excellence! We are continuously innovating to improve our systems, services, processes and quality of our products.It is due to this consistent

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Global Vision

New technologies and open trade laws have allowed the global market to be better connected, cohesive and significantly smaller for premier international businesses.At Sadaqat Ltd, we take these open markets as opportunities towards acquiring

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At Sadaqat Ltd, we understand the importance of brands and maintaining them to the highest standards. We support and supply to some of the biggest brands in the industry locally as well as internationally, and we also produce several luxury lines

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Inimitable experience, a long family tradition and a solid management structure & operations have given Sadaqat Ltd. the stability, foundation and agility to grow into the company it is today. Our work philosophy entails exemplary leadership.

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Sadaqat - Established in 1951 as a weaving unit under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed. Incorporated as a private limited company in 1987. Converted into public limited company in 2008. Today sadaqat is one of the largest

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In order to be the one that becomes standard for others, Sadaqat limited has defined its short, medium, long term strategic objectives as well as key performance indicators for each level of management aligned with its mission and vision.

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Denim Stitching

Woven Garments Stitching


Seer Sucker Technology

Wadding & Pillow Filling

Laser Process

Knitting Dye House


Cutting(Hauser Machines)


Knitting Process

Energy Resource



Garment Washing

Garments Stitching


Corporate Social Responsibility


Sponsorship programs of Government high school at 156 RB Faisalabad. Life-saving drugs being supplied to FIC (Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology) on a monthly basis.


Sponsorship programs of Government high school at 156 RB Faisalabad. Life-saving drugs being supplied to FIC (Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology) on a monthly basis.


We started to take down our Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions and ODS inventories in 2012 and continuously monitor for betterment.


We started to take down our Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions and ODS inventories in 2012 and continuously monitor for betterment.


Policy Documents & Compliance Certificates (Update upon occurrence).


Policy Documents & Compliance Certificates (Update upon occurrence).


As part of its environmental protection program and by the grace of God, In FY 2017, Sadaqat Limited planted 2195 trees along its premises. This shall result in sequester ...


of around 50,000 kg of Carbon dioxide per annum. This will somewhat counter the effect of GHG emission caused by production process, hence a positive move towards environmental stewardship.

Sadaqat Careers

Why Sadaqat Limited

We aspire to make a positive impact on all lives we touch, the most essential of that being our employees. To accomplish this, we foster a culture where our people are driven to perform and operate to their greatest capabilities, while maintaining the highest moral and ethical conduct.

Our Enabling Culture

At Sadaqat Limited we hire people for their potential, talent and passion for their respective fields. We hone these qualities by providing our people a progressive work environment to grow and develop within our network.

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Sense of Association

At the heart of our business strategy is our work philosophy; we believe in creating a work environment that allows you to work seamlessly without limitations, enables you to communicate freely and effectively

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Business Ethics

We blieve in stimulating and challenging team oriented work environment that encourages develops and rewards excellence.We are committed to diligently serving our community and stakeholders.

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Current Opening

Current Opening

Send us your most recent Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with a professional photograph to careers@sadaqatgroup.net. Ensure that your CV is up-to-date and accurately reflects your education, work experience, skills, and any relevant achievements.
Note: The email subject should be a positioning name.

Web Development Manager

• Proficiency in frontend technologies such
as HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Strong understanding of backend
technologies including PHP, Python, or Ruby on Rails
• Ability to work with CMS platforms like
Shopify and WordPress
• Experience with database management and
third-party API integrations
• Excellent problem-solving and
troubleshooting skills

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Officer, Sewing Planning – Knit Garment


1 Assist in developing sewing plans in coordination with the production team to meet production targets and deadlines.

2 Support the scheduling of sewing operations based on order priorities and production capacity.

3 Collect and analyze production data to identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement in sewing processes.

4 Collaborate with the fabric, induction, and accessories team to ensure the timely availability of sewing materials and components.

5 Maintain accurate records of sewing production activities, including daily output, efficiency, and quality metrics.

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Manager, Sewing Planning – Knit Garment


1 Develop and implement sewing plans/line loading to meet production targets.

2 To make weekly and monthly plans and adhere to the operation head.

3 Collaborate with the production team to schedule sewing operations according to order priorities and deadlines.

4 Analyze production data to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

5 Work closely with the fabric team and procurement team to ensure timely availability of materials required for sewing operations.

6 Implement and maintain systems for tracking and reporting production progress, including daily output, efficiency, and deviations.

7 Capacity vs booking to identify and communicate over & under bookings areas.

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Company Address

2KM, Sahianwala Road, Khurrianwala, Faisalabad Pakistan.

Office Hours

Mon To Sat - 09.00-18.00

Sunday - Close



Contact Number

UAN: +92 41-111-010-111

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